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Sacred Heart Middle School Grading Scales

Academics – Marking System

Marking System

All Sacred Heart Middle School teaching staff will be using the following grading scale.  Report cards are issued four times annually. Grading for each nine weeks shall be done by means of letter symbols.  These symbols, and the usual percentages, for which they stand, are listed below: (teachers have the right to adjust these grade percentages in consultation with the Principal. Extra credit and test retakes are an option the teacher may use. Teachers will provide students with the course syllabus explaining the expectations for that class including objectives of the course, value of test scores, homework, quizzes, and all work, which makes up the final grade.

A  = 4.000             93 – 100                                                C   = 2.000             75 – 79
A- = 3.667             91 – 92                                                  C-  = 1.667             73 – 74
B+ = 3.333            89 – 90                                                  D+ = 1.333             71 – 72
B   = 3.000            84 – 88                                                  D   = 1.000             66 – 70
B-  = 2.667            82 – 83                                                  D-  = 0.667             64 – 65
C+ = 2.333            80 – 81                                                  F    = 0.000            63 & below


Incompletes are given in instances where the work is missing because of prolonged absence due to sickness, or at a teacher’s discretion.  Assignments not completed on time may be graded as an “F” and averaged with the rest of the grades for the quarter marking period.

JPII Catholic Schools Extracurricular Philosophy

Statement of Extracurricular Philosophy

The JPII’s philosophy of competitive sports and activities is to maintain a broad based program that will afford all students with co-curricular interests an opportunity to participate in a safe and positive environment.
Each program offered within the JPII Athletic and Activities Department will place an emphasis on the Christian formation of youth through companionship, sportsmanship and competition.  Therefore, the chief purpose of the Athletic and Activities Department is to promote the fullest development of abilities, talents, character and personality of each individual involved.

JPII Extracurricular Objectives

Extracurricular Objectives

  1. Create in every program a greater interest in the value of education.  The competitive environment, among children as well as adults, is neither gentle nor kind.  However, in such an environment a child and/or young adult involved in a well guided and directed athletic or activities program should begin to grow toward social maturity.
  2. Provide a wide variety of programs that will meet the needs of the student body.
  3. Instill in all students participating, the courage to face reality and meet all problems with patience, independence and self-reliance.
  4. Develop sound moral and spiritual values, and a sense of personal responsibility.
  5. Instill in all students participating, the desire to represent their school and community in a manner that will make school administration, teachers, parents, supporters and their peers proud of them.
  6. Emphasize that participation in extracurricular activities at all levels is a privilege that carries definite responsibilities with it.  Some of these responsibilities are training, loyalty, eligibility, courage, perseverance and progression.
  7. Keep as many students as possible involved in a healthy, positive environment while getting them to realize the many benefits of optimum health and physical and psychological fitness.
  8. Develop an understanding for the importance of proper rest, good eating habits and cleanliness at every opportunity.
  9. To maintain the tradition of excellence already established within the JPII’s interscholastic extracurricular programs.
  10. To provide a broad and varied athletic and activities program at the middle school level with the opportunity for participation on an equal basis for all students involved.