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About Nativity Elementary

Welcome to Nativity Elementary

Nativity School is a vibrant Catholic School in Fargo, North Dakota. The school community is comprised of approximately 270 students in grades pre-kindergarten through five; a faculty and staff of professional, dedicated educators; involved parents and families; and supportive Catholic parishes. Nativity School is part of the St. John Paul II Catholic Schools Network, a network of schools providing pre-school through high school education for students in Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo and the surrounding areas.
Established in the fall of 1961, Nativity School has had a rich history of traditions.  Carol and Gordon Johansen were the first secretary and custodian at Nativity and served in those positions for over 40 years. The Sisters of the Presentation of Mary were the first educators. Their commitment to providing the best Catholic education for children continues to be the goal of the faculty today.  Second generations of students keep coming to experience the qualities of Nativity School that remain close to the hearts of their parent-graduates. The school climate continues to focus on God’s great love for each of us and each person’s responsibility to share their own talents and gifts with others.
Nativity School is accredited with the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement through AdnvanceED.  The faculty continually seeks innovative, proven techniques and tools to improve student learning.  Teaching the “whole child” expands the school mission to encompass the spiritual, social, physical and emotional growth of each child. The school community celebrates faith in word and action.  Students are actively involved in social justice activities and relationships. Parent involvement is a key “ingredient” of Nativity School.

In closing, there is a song that is sung the last day of each school year which exemplifies the Nativity Spirit.  The morning begins early with Family Kite Flying on the school playground to mark the transition to summer days.  Then at the school mass, the students sing:

“I am a promise. I am a possibility.
I am a promise, with a capital P!
I am a great big bundle of potentiality.
And I am learning to hear God’s voice.
And I am trying to make the right choice.
I am a promise to be…anything God wants me to be.”
by Gloria Gaither

Nativity School Philosophy

Education and Faith are two aspects of a single environment.  The two pervade the whole.  We, at Nativity School, provide the integration of a high quality education within a Christian atmosphere.
We believe that the recognition of one’s uniqueness is the key to developing each individual’s highest potential. As community is the heart of Catholic Education, our learning environment focuses on an awareness of God’s love, acceptance of one’s self and respect for others.  We believe these concepts should not only be taught, but lived.  We encourage individuals to be responsible people of moral integrity who will be Christ’s witnesses of peace and justice in the church and in the global society.

Nativity School Goals

To witness and challenge each individual to be fully human in the Light of Christ.

  • To value that faith must be recognized, nurtured, celebrate and lived.
  • To teach sound Catholic Doctrine.
  • To develop the capacity to be a thinking, reflecting and discerning Christian.

To encourage each individual to develop their potential as a well-integrated person.

  • To foster each individual’s ability to think constructively and creatively.
  • To solve problems and to reason independently.
  • To provide a variety of avenues for communication and expression.
  • To instill a desire for life-long learning in a nurturing environment.

To invite families into a partnership in the learning process and to the building of community.

  • To insure that the parent, as primary educator, is aware of and involved in the educational process.
  • To build community with families, parishes, local peoples and the global society.