About Shanley High School

We are pleased to welcome you to the community and family that is Shanley High School.  We are a school of students, educators, clergy, religious, parents, friends, and alumni who work together like a family.  We want everyone to feel at home here.

Feeling at home is a good experience, especially for students.  It is good for students to learn in a friendly and personal atmosphere.  When frustrated or troubled, it’s good for students to receive compassion, concern and care.  Our first responsibility is to treat students as individuals.

There are demands that come with being a member of a school community.  There are expectations.  We expect students to share in creating our healthy, moral atmosphere by living those Christian values they have been taught at home and in their parishes.  There are rules to obey.  We expect them to respect others and to take their studies seriously.  That means doing homework, reading books, preparing for exams, and getting to class on time.  We believe our success with students comes from the right blend of love and expectations.

That’s one of the important reasons why so many feel at home.  We are glad that you have chosen to be a part of Shanley High School.  We have no doubt; you too, will feel right at home.


Shanley High School & Staff



Shanley High School strives to proclaim to our students the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Catholic tradition and to help them grow through a person-centered educational process.  This process encompasses three principal goals: a) to foster spiritual, intellectual, and physical development of the individual; b) to form a close, familial community for the purposes of relational growth; c) to translate the Gospel message into active concern and action within and outside the School community.

Shanley High School seeks to challenge students’ intellectual and physical abilities and spiritual development.  It recognizes that education transcends the classroom, addressing itself not simply to the mind, but to the whole person.  It also recognizes that its teachers must accept and respect students as unique individuals in order for each student to build a positive self-image and an appreciation for education as a life-long process to be integrated into their lives.


  1. To provide opportunities for students to develop as Christians through worship, study, and active apostolates.
  2. To provide opportunities for students to grow in occupational, educational and recreational skills and knowledge needed for their future through the use of required and elective disciplines.
  3. To provide activities and programs for the development of positive relationships with both peer and other age groups.
  4. To foster an appreciation and respect for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and of the physical universe as well as fostering a sense of Christian responsibility to share them with others.
  5. To lay the foundation for leadership within the Church by encouraging a sense of responsibility for an active involvement in the life of the Church.
  6. To foster personal growth by encouraging involvement in extra-curricular activities.