SHS/SMS Uniform Policy

Shanley High & Sullivan Middle School Uniform Policy


The purpose of the Sullivan/Shanley school uniform policy is to support a safe and disciplined learning environment, encourage positive student behavior and modesty, lessen the impact of socioeconomic differences, and encourage our students to experience a greater sense of school identity and belonging.

General Information for all JPII Students and Families:

Upon entering the building, all students must follow the dress code guidelines until the end of the school day. Students in violation of the uniform code will be asked to conform.

If students cannot or will not conform, they will not be admitted into the classroom and will be sent to the principal for appropriate discipline, which may include sending the student home to change. The principal has the final decision on what meets the uniform code. Senior privileges will not exclude students from following this code.

The “Base Layer”

The “base layer” consists of shirts and pants that may be purchased at any store or vendor.

  • Polo shirts
    • Colors: Red or White (Red should not be cranberry or maroon, but a true red)
    • May be mesh or interlock knit, but must be a cotton or cotton- blend fabric
  • Oxford shirts
    • Color: White only, no logos permitted
    • Must have either a spread collar or a button-down collar with points
    • Must be the Oxford woven fabric
  • All shirts:
    • May NOT have any emblems or logos on them
    • Short sleeves shall be no shorter than the middle ½ of the upper arm, between the shoulder and
    • Buttons only- no zippers, snaps, or clasps
    • Only the top button may be unbuttoned
    • Must be long enough to stay tucked in with regular activity
    • May not be form fitting
    • Plain red, white or black long or short sleeved t-shirts may be worn underneath
    • May NOT show undergarments
  • Pants, shorts, and capris (capris for young women only)
    • Colors: Navy and khaki (light khaki to British khaki but no ―khaki green)
    • Must be “Dockers style”
    • Plain front or pleated front
    • Any rise is allowed but no skin or undergarments are allowed to show, front or back
    • Hemmed, with or without cuffs
    • Wearing a belt is strongly encouraged
    • No form fitting pants (pants so tight that the muscles in your calf, thighs, and/or backside
      are visible)
    • The following are not permitted: jean style, cargo style, rivets, fringes, knit pants, or corduroy
    • Shorts must be no more than 4 inches from the top of the knee
    • From December to February students may not wear shorts

The “Outer Layer”

All “outer layer” items MUST be purchased from the DeaconWear Store through Lands‘ End and will come embroidered with the Shanley shield logo. These may only be worn in addition to the “base layer”

  • Sweaters (red and navy)
  • Blazers (navy only)
  • Fleece (black only)
  • 1/4″ zip Pull over (red only)

Additional options

  • Skirts
    • Skirts must be purchased from the DeaconWear Store through Lands‘ End
    • Skirt length must be no more than 4 inches from the floor when kneeling
    • Color: designated plaid only
  • Ties
    • These must be purchased from the DeaconWear Store through Lands‘ End
    • Ties must be designated plaid only
    • Must be worn under the collar and tied with a ―traditional knot
  • Belts and headbands
    • A plaid headband and belt are available at our DeaconWear Store through Lands‘ End
    • Students may wear accessories (ex: earrings, watches, jewelry), but accessories must not distract
      from the uniform or be distracting to students


  • Students must wear socks, tights, or nylons at all times
  • Any color and style of sock can be worn
  • Tights must be solid red, white, black, or navy (no patterns)
  • Nylons must be black or skin tone in color, and solid with no pattern
  • Shoes must have soles
  • All students must wear closed-toe shoes
    • High school students may wear flip flops/sandals without socks (except Dec-Feb)

Gym clothes

Students may wear t-shirts and shorts of their choice as long as there are no advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, or images inconsistent with our Catholic


  • All clothing must be appropriately sized for the student. No over-sized or form fitting clothing will be allowed.
  • All clothing must be in good repair.
  • Hats are prohibited in school and all students must remove hats upon entry to the building.
  • Professional facial hair is allowed. Facial hair may not be streaked, shaved patterns/numbers/words, or length that in some way obscures a student’s face.
  • The following are prohibited:
    • Wearing jackets or non-uniform outer layer during the school day
    • Dying hair an unnatural or distracting color
    • Tattoos
    • Piercings other than earrings
    • Wallet chains

Modest clothing is always required. The following guidelines should be used as a way to help students understand Shanley/Sullivan expectations for modest dress:

  • No clothing may be worn which promotes disrespect of the Catholic faith or its teachings
  • Clothing or jewelry displaying or promoting the use of alcohol or drugs or including obscene language is not allowed at any time
  • No tank tops, low neckline shirts or bare midriff clothes are allowed
  • Shoes must be worn
  • All clothing must be appropriately sized for students
  • All clothing must be in good repair, free of holes and rips
  • All clothing must be appropriately sized for the student. No over-sized or form fitting clothing will be allowed.
  • All skirts and shorts must be no shorter than 4 above the knee while kneeling.
  • No hats may be worn.

Home Game/Activity Dress Code:

Students having a home game/activity will be allowed to wear designated team apparel with their regular uniform pants/shorts/skirts. The date of dress will be for approved home varsity contests but freshmen through seniors will be able to participate. Any other exceptions need to be approved by the school Principal.