Shanley High School Academics

Academic Requirements

Promotion Requirements
In order to be promoted to the next respective grade, students must earn a minimum of the credits listed below:
5 credits to be promoted to Sophomore
11 credits to be promoted to Junior
17 credits to be promoted to Senior

Course Credits

  1. A minimum of 6 classes must be taken each academic semester. A study hall is not considered a class in this case.  Only two study halls per semester are permitted
  2. Each student shall have earned a minimum of 24 credits, including their religion requirements for graduation.
  3. All financial obligations must be cleared with the JPII Business Office before year-end report cards and diplomas are issued.
  4. Shanley does not allow early graduation or dismissal policy. Seniors are to carry a full academic course load each semester.
  5. Students must report to individually scheduled study halls when it is scheduled. (Please refer to Senior Privileges on page 9 for exception to this rule).


Graduation Requirements
Minimum requirement for Graduation-24 credits

RELIGION                             4
ENGLISH                              4
MATHEMATICS                    3
SOCIAL STUDIES                 3
SCIENCE                              3
PHYED                                 1
HEALTH                              .5
FINE ARTS                           1
ELECTIVES                         4.5
TOTAL                                 24

If a student transfers from another high school he/she will not be required to complete 4 units of religion.  He/she must take a religion course each semester while attending Shanley High School.
A Foreign Language is not required to graduate from Shanley.  Many colleges and universities do require and/or recommend two years of the same language at the secondary level.

Grading Guidelines

Grading System Guidelines
All Shanley High School teaching staff will be using the following grading scale.  Report cards are issued four times annually.  Grading for each nine weeks shall be done by means of letter symbols.  These symbols, and the usual percentages, for which they stand, are listed below: (teachers have the right to adjust these grade percentages in consultation with the Principal.  Extra credit and test retakes are an option the teacher may use.  Teachers will provide students with the course syllabus explaining the expectations for that class including objectives of the course, value of test scores, homework, quizzes, and all work, which makes up the final grade.

Grading System for Grades 9-12
A  = 4.000   93 – 100         C   = 2.000   75 – 79
A- = 3.667   91 – 92           C-  = 1.667  73 – 74
B+ = 3.333   89 – 90          D+ = 1.333  71 – 72
B   = 3.000   84 – 88          D   = 1.000  66 – 70
B-  = 2.667  82 – 83           D-  = 0.667  64 – 65
C+ = 2.333   80 – 81          F    = 0.000  63 & below
* Duel Credit/AP Classes will receive an additional weighted value (.5000).

Grade Point Average
The grade point average is determined by taking the number of total points earned based on letter grades and dividing it by the total number of credits for which the student is enrolled.
A   = 4.000              C   = 2.000               For example:        A=4.00
A-  = 3.667              C-  = 1.667                                           C=2.00
B+ = 3.333              D+ = 1.333                                            B=3.00
B   = 3.000              D   = 1.000                                            B=3.00
B-  = 2.667              D-  = 0.667                                           C=2.00
C+ = 2.333              F    = 0.000                                           A=4.00
Total of 6 classes divided into 18.00=3.00

Shanley High School Honor Roll:
High Honors            3.75 – 4.00
Honors                    3.50 – 3.74
“B” Honors              3.00 – 3.49

Metro Area Academic Achievement Cards
Gold Card                3.50 – 4.00
Silver Card               3.00 – 3.49
White Card               Increase of GPA by .2

Failing an English class will require students to have completed and passed all previous levels of English.

Other required subjects which are failed must be made up by repeating the subject the next year, by taking the course in summer school, or the following semester.

A student will not receive credit for a course with a grade of “F” at the end of any official grading period.  A student may correct the “F” grade for credit and/or total Grade Point Average in the following ways:

1. Failure of Year Long Course – Shanley High School: All courses within the curriculum shall carry a unit of one-half.  To receive a Carnegie unit of credit for a completed course, the student must receive a final grade of no less than a “D-”.  ½ credit will be offered for courses of one semester.  Students who fail 1st semester of  a class may not be allowed to continue in the 2nd semester of that class.  Final decision will be made by the administration.

2. Summer School: Shanley High School will accept a passing summer school grade to enable credit to be applied for a course where a student received an official grade of “F” at the end of a semester.  The summer school grade will replace the official grade of “F” on the transcript.  The summer school grade will be averaged into the student’s cumulative GPAAll summer school courses must be approved by the Principal prior to the taking of the class if a student wishes to receive credit for it.

3. Retaking the same course at Shanley:A student may enroll for a second time in the same course at Shanley to correct an official grade of “F”, but not to get a 2nd credit in the same course.  A passing grade in this instance will apply for both credit and replace the original official “F” grade for total Grade Point Average.

Incompletes are given in instances where the work is missing because of prolonged absence due to sickness, or excused absence.  Assignments not completed on time may be graded as an “F” and averaged with the rest of the grades for the quarter marking period.  Students missing school due to an excused absence will be given 2 days to make up the work for every day absent.

Drop-Add Guidelines for Shanley High School
Drop-Add procedures will only be allowed when administration has determined the circumstance to be extraordinary and absolutely necessary.

Withdrawal From Class:  To withdraw from a class, a student must complete a withdrawal form obtained from a counselor and signed by the parent and teacher before permission can be granted.  The decision to withdraw is guardian based on information obtained from the teacher and counselor.  Students must remain in class until the withdrawal form is complete and signed by an administrator.  If class enrollment falls below a minimum number due to a withdrawal request, the request will be denied.  Any withdrawal from class after the first two weeks of the semester will result in a withdraw/fail or a withdraw/pass.   STUDENTS MUST CONTINUE TO ATTEND CLASS UNTIL THE WITHDRAWAL FORM IS COMPLETE AND SIGNED BY AN ADMINISTRATOR.

Below is the procedure used in calculating GPA for course withdrawal:
Week 1                            No record or grade
Week 2 up until Midterm*       Grade of “W” with no effect on GPA
After Midterm*                One of the following grades:
WP-withdraw/pass, no effect on GPA
WF-withdraw/fail, counts as an F on GPA
and will affect FCSN Extracurricular Academic Eligibility

*7 calendar days after Midterm (Quarter 1/Quarter 3)

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement/Dual Credit Programs:
The Advanced Placement (AP) Program, a part of College Board, encourages high schools to offer challenging college-level work to able students.  The AP examinations (in May of each year) provide a means by which high school students may earn college credits.

The Dual Credit (DC) Program allows juniors and seniors to enroll in University dual credit courses in such subjects as English and Science taught at Shanley High School.  Students who enroll in University approved dual credit courses earn college credit and high school credit at the same time.

Course Requirements
Enrolling in an AP, DC, or advanced level course is based on the following three criteria:  the students standardized test scores, academic performance in previous classes (generally a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher), and teacher recommendation.  If you have questions regarding these requirements, please see the instructor or the Principal.

AP & Dual Credit:
Only Juniors and Seniors will be allowed to take AP or DC classes at Shanley or other area schools.  Students will not be allowed to take AP/DC classes at other institutions when that class is offered as an option at Shanley.  Administration will make the final discretion on AP/DC enrollment.

Academic Letter Winners

Requirements Grades 10-12
All students earning a semester grade point average cumulative of 3.65 or above would earn an academic letter.

  1. The student would have to carry an academic class load of at least six (6) classes per semester.
  2. The student will receive a letter, numeral (graduation year), and a lamp of knowledge.

Requirements Grade 9

  1. The student will need to carry a 3.65 or above for both semesters.  They will receive a numeral, a Shanley “S”, and a lamp of knowledge.

Extracurricular Eligbility

The JPII’s philosophy of competitive sports and activities is to maintain a broad based program that will afford all students with extracurricular interests an opportunity to participate in a safe and positive environment. Each program offered within the Activities Department will place an emphasis on the Christian formation of youth through companionship, sportsmanship and competition. Therefore, the chief purpose of the Athletic and Activities Department is to promote the fullest development of abilities, talents, character and personality of each individual involved.

  1. Create in every program a greater interest in the value of education. The competitive environment, among children as well as adults, is neither gentle nor kind. However, in such an environment a child and/or young adult involved in a well guided and directed athletic or activities program should begin to grow toward social maturity.
  2. Provide a wide variety of programs that will meet the needs of the student body.
  3. Instill in all students participating, the courage to face reality and meet all problems with patience, independence and self-reliance.
  4. Develop sound moral and spiritual values, and a sense of personal responsibility.
  5. Instill in all students participating, the desire to represent their school and community in a manner that will make school administration, teachers, parents, supporter, and their peers proud of them.
  6. Emphasize that participation in extracurricular activities at all levels is a privilege that carries definite responsibilities with it. Some of these responsibilities are training, loyalty, eligibility, courage, perseverance and progression.
  7. Keep as many students as possible involved in a healthy, positive environment while getting them to realize the many benefits of optimum health and physical and psychological fitness.
  8. Develop an understanding for the importance of proper rest, good eating habits and cleanliness at every opportunity.
  9. To maintain the tradition of excellence already established with the interscholastic extracurricular programs.
  10. To provide a broad and varied athletic and activities program at the middle school level with the opportunity for participation on an equal basis for all students involved.


North Dakota High School Activities Association (NDHSAA) Rules and Regulations

  1. The JPII and in particular, Shanley High School and Sullivan Middle School, are members of the North Dakota High School Activities Association. Rules and regulations of this association will be strictly adhered to by all concerned within the extra-curricular department.
  2. Interpretations which are questioned or perhaps not covered in the NDHSAA policy manual may receive clarification by contacting the NDHSAA central office. Contact should be made only through the Director of Activities.

St. John Paul II Catholic Schools Network (JPII) School Rules and Regulations

  1. Policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the central administration and the administration of individual Network schools will be strictly adhered to by all concerned within the athletic department.

JPII school rules and regulations are found in the school’s handbooks.